Door opening system

In recent years, minimalism has become one of the most important interior trends, so a hidden box with new features will be the best option. Doors "under the ceiling" without an upper lintel and platbands allow you to visually increase the height and maintain a single plane of the ceiling of two rooms separated by a door, which is especially important for modern interior spaces.


INVISIBLE INFINITY for series:  PA  PE  LA  LE  LW  NA NE   PW   ZN   LK   E   M | MA     1AGK (panels, mirror)   AGP   AGN

REVERSE INVISIBLE INFINITY for series:  PE    PA    NE    NA    ZN   LE   LA   E    1M | MA   (More about doors...)


It is possible to use standard extensions.
Choice of door handles.
It is possible to use an aluminum skirting board in the color of the box:

• aluminum skirting board 13 * 60 * 3000mm,
• aluminum skirting board 13 * 80 * 3000mm.