• E Series

    E series doors are framed doors that incorporate innovative and high-technology solutions. The collection includes a modern product door range with a smooth single-color UNILACK coating.

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  • U Series

    U series of doors comprises a wide variety of dismountable doors with a novel finish – UNILACK. Special feature of that series is smooth velvety-mat single color decorations, which exceed analogous enamel coatings both in exterior and performance.

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  • X Series

    PrоfilDооrs presents doors of X series, which main advantage are high strength and dismountable structure.

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  • L Series

    L series is a collection of gloss panel doors designed in Germany using state-of-the-art technology. This gloss coating ensures superior surface quality and provides excellent gloss effect.

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  • Z Series

    Products of Z series presented by PrоfilDооrs company includes a wide range of framed interior doors. The structure of doors of Z series is based on a frame made of MDF and solid pine wood, which provides overall strength of a door leaf.

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  • VG Series

    High Gloss is a coating developed using the latest technologies of glossy coating (product of Germany). High Gloss has an ideal glass-like smooth surface and maximum wear and scratch resistance.

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  • D Series

    NanVeneer is a new finishing created with use of high technologies, product of Germany. NanVeneer has explicit deep structure and maximum resistance to mechanical damage.

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