Wall panels

Wall panels are one of the most elegant and practical inventions of the French and are widely used by designers all over the world.
A variety of textures and textures of MDF panels allows you to create a unique setting and become the focus of attention in the interior. Decorative panels can be placed in any room in your apartment or house. They are often used in fashionable design projects because they elegantly replace plaster or wallpaper, hide wall defects and, plus, keep the room warm and provide sound insulation.

Application options:

  • Masking doors or vice versa highlighting the area of ​​the doorway.
  • TV focus
  • Selecting a functional area
  • Basic decoration of one of the walls
  • Creating a textured surface
  • Material combination
  • Accent wall at the head of the bed
  • MDF panels in the interior of the nursery
  • Accent color
  • Wall protection and decor
Wall panels are glued.
Wall panel 16*70*2750 mm
Wall panel end 16*40*2750 mm

Panels in colors: White, Cream White, Cream Magnolia, Sand, Light Gray, Smokey, Graphite, Navy Blue, Black, White Mother of Pearl, Gold Mother of Pearl, Mother of Pearl bronze, Caramel Oak, Sonoma Oak, Tobacco Oak, Light Chestnut, Alaska, Dark White, Magnolia Satin, Shell Gray, White Lux, Pebble Lux, Dark White Lux.