Decorative slats

One of the most trending techniques in interior design today is the use of decorative battens (baffles).
They can be used absolutely everywhere, they decorate the walls in living rooms, bedrooms, corridors. As for the recommended style - there is none, they can be found both in modern interiors and in interiors with a neoclassical touch. In the projects of many modern apartments and houses, you can find decorative slats in the interior.

Application options:

The decorative strip fits perfectly next to the door, thanks to the same finish, the door and strip look the same and original.
In the living room, wall slats are attached behind the sofa or opposite it, in the bedroom they can act as a headboard, and in the kitchen they can highlight the dining area.
Decorating the ceiling with buffels allows you to hide irregularities, hide the wiring and simplify the installation of fixtures. In addition, such an original finish changes the geometry of the room. Placing the boards across in a narrow room will make it wider.
The decorative strips are mounted on glue.
30*50*2750 mm


Series SMK:
Белый Матовый.jpg
Matt white
Галька Матовый.jpg
Pebble matt
Какао Матовый.jpg
Cocoa matt
Кварц Матовый.jpg
Matt quartz
Серый Матовый.jpg
Matt grey
Чёрный Матовый.jpg
Black Seidenmatt
Series E:
Magnolia Satinat
Series LK:
Белый Люкс.jpg
White Luxe
Darkwhaite Luxe
Магнолия Люкс.jpg
Magnolia Luxe
Галька Люкс.jpg
Pebble Luxe
Grey Luxe
Чёрный Люкс.jpg
Black Luxe
Series ZN:
Mont Blanc
Groove Gray
Salinas Light
Salinas Dark
Light chestnut
Dark chestnut